Business Tax


All businesses operating within the City of Winter Garden must obtain a Business Tax Receipt before opening. This applies to:

  • Making changes to a current business
  • New business
  • Renewing existing business

If a business operates without a valid Business Tax Receipt, an additional penalty of 25% may be charged.


  1. Business Tax Year runs from October 1st through September 30th of each year. Tax fees are prorated after April 1st for a half year fee for that remain year.
  2. After you pay your business tax, the business must be inspected by the Fire Department to meet all applicable state and city code requirements. You will be contacted to make arrangements for this inspection.
  3. Businesses which require a state license or health department approval will have to provide copies of those approvals prior to the issuance of a tax receipt.
  4. Federal ID or Social Security Numbers must be provided as well as some form of valid photo identification of the owner(s) such as a Driver's License.
  5. An Orange County Business Tax will have to be paid after you have been issued the Winter Garden Business Tax Receipt.  The Orange County office address is:
                          Orange County Business Tax
                          200 S Orange Avenue
                          Suite 1600
                          Orlando, FL
                          Phone: 407-836-5650

NOTE for Commercial Business Locations:

If the business is for a commercial location, the business owner must first complete a LAND USE REVIEW Application,  have it processed prior to registering the business for a Local Business Tax Receipt.  


If you have any question regarding zoning and whether your type of business would be allowed in a particular district, please contact the Winter Garden Planning & Zoning Department at 407-656-4111.  A Land Use Review Application completion and review may be required by the Planning & Zoning Department for determination if a Commercial business will be able to operate at the proposed address.